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Friday, October 19, 2007
  ASIST2007: Making Dspace Your Own
These are pretty stream-of-consciousness... but here they are, my notes from this morning's class. Dorothea and Tim were awesome, as expected. Now someone just needs to let me at an installation so I can play ;)

Make DSpace Your Own
DSpace 1.4.2

Branding – part of your institution, sponsored by the library
Markup quality and accessibility
ex: browse by title is an ugly table with the first column being date
User interface improvements
Institutional needs
ex: dissertations, submission form doesn’t have a field for advisor

Version 1.4.2 is stable
Have a test server and roll out changes there first, not on the production server
version control for local changes (subversion is probably better for this than cvs; eclipse will make your life easier, see easyeclipse.org, the one for a java server environment)

Java basics for Dspace
JSP (java server pages) create the html, we could edit the html around the java without too much trouble
jsp tags – jsp: (maybe sort of like macros?)
java servlets – takes user requests made through the UI and returns the JSP which displays the html page to the user

What pieces are relevant to people customizing?

source folder, and folder with compiled dspce

(q: can we have multiple licenses. Custom for each collection, but not community right now.)
(q: can we have different access rights? either manually or just really plan on doing it at the collection level – when something is submitted it gets the access level for that collection and if you go back and change the collection policies, it doesn’t propagate to things already in the collection, you have to do that manually. This is a known issue)
(q: can we lock down the metadata as well as the full text? uh, that’s a known issue, and the answer is no. You could set up another instance, one that’s completely locked down. Cambridge is looking at having an embargo instance.)
(q: is there a way to handle embargos? uh, no, but there is a database hack out there. Tim is building it into the configurable submission system so that you could say show this item after x long or so that you could say limit to x community, but not yet)

config > input-forms.xml
type of content, languages, website (as a type of content), metadata input screens

config > messages.properties
ex: all messages talk about dspace but you would want to talk about [jscholarship]

ex: maps url to servlet, she did it to have about pages

(she sets jsp folder to read only so she doesn’t accidentally change something there only use local folder) it uses the local folder first, make sure to keep the folder structure the same in local as in jsp, if you upgrade dspace it will never write over the local folder. if there’s a new feature jsp, then your local folder will override that.


Basic text customizations
jsp.community-home.heading1 = Community Home Page
view source on page, then go and look for
fmt:message key=’jsp….
then you can go and change it

stay out of the <% %> but XHTML can be customized (in jsp local)
CSS are in the /jsp/styles.css.jsp (can make css not jsps, but either way), move it to local

Header and footer
you can have more than one set of headers and footers in dspace (like if you’re a consortium)
dspace:layout style=”mystyle”…
so for a different one you would use dspace:layout style=”anotherstyle”

Metadata schema
- it doesn’t do hierarchical
- it will do etdms
- add another schema from the admin gui http://mydspace/dspace-admi
- web form to add another field to an existing thing or move fields between schemas
- item display
and /config/language/messages.properties (to add a label)
webui.itemdisplay.default = dc.title \ ….

messages.properties and add
then rebuild

add a browse index
ex: advisors

Search options
and /jsp/search/advanced.jsp
search.index.1 = author.contributor.*
(key and then what you would be indexing for that search)
(IdEALS limits are just more search fields)

Full text indexing options
- add filters for different file types
- not completely full text, but you can change how much is indexed (max field length, can change to a -1 for it to be everything – they’ve done -1 and haven’t had any problems, but they really don’t have a lot of huge files; also people are using Google to find their stuff- like 90%)
- for images (jpg or png) it makes thumbnails, 80x80 is default
ex: dspace.cfg; webui.browse.thumbnail.show = false
whether it shows up in various views (see Swinburne example), if the thumbnail links to the item page or to the actual file

Image previews – like watermarking at the bottom of the image, actually embedded in the image

Controlled vocabulary
xml files with nodes, is composed by
- a few come with because the rights aren’t available
- you can add your own
- copy an existing one and replace the terms
- see Bergen
- get a screen in the submission process
(q: can user suggest or add terms to cv in the submission project, does add higher level terms when you select a child term)
- have to do a transform to get a file from the xml to the dspace format
- see on the dspace mailing lists to see if someone has done this transform (for MeSH someone probably has)

Customize input form fields for type of record
- pages
- vocabularly>srsc

RSS feeds
- what shows in them
- at community or collection level (better if you have a very active site)

- sort of a hassle to set up
- not very useful
- it’s been requested, and people have been working toward it (thanks to funding from Google summer of code)
- doesn’t filter out the search engines and robots

Checksum checker
- to make sure your files are all the same as they were, sets off alarms if something changes

Part II: Dspace 1.5 and Manakin
1.5 will still have all of the customizing things shown for 1.4.2
To be released Early 2008

Configurable submission (Tim’s contribution)
(btw: IDEALS has the license first)
can now change the order of steps
upload before describe so that you can take information from the file to customize the describe fields provided
http://test.ideals.uiuc.edu – can see, can ask and get permission to see the submission process and submit to a test collection
access step
- access and privacy settings
- default public
- options – only uiuc for 12 months, only uiuc, or only a small group (staff will ask you
(q: how does it know you’re uiuc, directory login or IP range
they did it where faculty, staff, graduate students can submit to a generic uncategorized collection directly just by login with their net directory login, removes a barrier, )
(they use genre as checkboxes not dropdown)
(most of the content comes from a dept as a whole instead of from individual users)
wait for 1.5 to make it more stable
can make different submission processes for different collections
looking at figuring out a place to put custom steps, etc., for people to share

Manakin 1.1
will come with 1.5
new interface for dspace, more modular, tiered, extendable

branding of repository, community, collection, item
(this would be great for the divisions of mpow)
see jobim archive – very cool image display
with 1.5 you can still use jsp-ui or can use manakin
for manakin, you’ll do better with some knowledge of xslt

tiered development
- style tier, simple themes using xhtml + css
- theme tier, complex themes using xsl + xhtml + css
- aspect, add features using cocoon + java

apache cocoon
see slide 35

manakin version
see slide 36

DRI (“dry”)- digital repository interface
(for any mankin site can put ?XML at the end of url to see the XML w/out transformation, so you can see what’s going on.

an aspect works across a site
- artifact browser
- e-person
- submission
- administration

self contained
can have multiple themes for a page
example of an aspect might be to have a third party submitter but the license being e-mailed off to the copyright holder for approval

Manakin could potentially work with fedora or e-prints if you updated the communications
(a number of institutions are thinking about running both, Indiana is really working on trying to do both together, theoretically manakin could go over both dspace and fedora)

(q: can we develop manakin now and then upgrade? can develop themes and everything now and wouldn’t lose that when you upgrade to 1.5)

Metadata handlers
different for items, collections, communities
4 “display types”

in manakin messages.xml file spell check!

https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/tdonohue/www/asist2007 (slides)
(or google dspace how-to)


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